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Out of Commission…

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

howdy, folks…
I have been sorta occupied lately by posting my photos and stuffs to my blog section in what I have been calling… “Retro-blogging”.  My work-flow is essentially taking old photos, projects, and whateverness from my web-albums and posting them in chronological order via blogger.  Some point, I’m going to get caught-up with the present-day and then I’ll try to make it a regular practice to post things as they arise (haha.. we’ll see how that goes).  BUUUUT, in the meantime, thanks for checking it out!!

I know what you’re thinking…..
“but what about RECENT stuff!?!!?!”  One of these days!
I have put EVERYTHING on-hold… Twitter, Facebook, the whole 9….. You may read some of my recent reader posts via my BUZZ

And frankly, I’m not getting to any recent stuff until I archive all of my old stuff.
Because then, I will have even more to sort out later!
I’m sure you will understand.

As far as site updates go:

  • Fixed some general WordPress stuffs on my projects.
  • Added FancyBox to projects page
  • Added a couple of project version histories
  • Fixed Custom Categories
  • Added a style blog (via blogger)

And that’s about it….

Thanks for tuning in!

Site update… Migrating old v.6.x to Sandbox.

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

I was able to copy-over a substantial portion of v.6.0 to my Joomla installation.

You can see the original here.

And the updated component page here.
—– the updated “drops” page here.

For all general purposes, they work about the same with the exception of the broken links…
I may keep the pages around for their aesthetic quality, but most likely, I will convert the icons into static links to related pages.
I considered installing fancybox across the board, but I haven’t decided yet.

At the moment, the whole thing is running on Thickbox (a discontinued script) and EasySlider….
Fancybox & jCarousel are my preferred interface plugins,…. *sigh.. old project. ya know?