p3beta.net is my original site sans the namesake.

Originally created in 2005 as a sandbox for my fledling web development career, now web host.

As of 2009, this site is hosted by MediaCatch, inc; registered via GoDaddy


I don’t seem to have the original mockups, but I did find the original redirect page.. lol how ghetto!



I don’t think I actually used this site… but the horrible typography is inexcusable… good lord.  What was I thinking?!


An elegant 3rd Generation mock-up.  I used this license-plate style theme for about a year before changing it.  I liked the color palette, and it had a very contemporary feel… but I grew tired of looking at it.



I called this project “Omaha”… but it really meant, “Project Overhaul”… it was still pretty awful.


Powered by JoomlaCMS; last updated 2007


I vaguely remember creating this alternative front-end.
The time-stamp on the photos and in the screenshot itself was November 2008…. considering, I was already poised to create http://richardphung.com at that point, I do not know when I actually took-down v.6 to start working on the spin-off.
The idea here was simply some math-based visuals… with no interactivity, just eye candy.  I used a combination of transparent PNG and z-index div layers.

End of p3beta.net

February 20, 2010 marks the date of the datatransfer from p3beta.net & mediacatch.
p3beta.net/richardphung is now richardphung.com
and the hosting solution is now ipage hosting.
p3beta.net and its namesake is officially closed as of March 16, 2010.

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